Who we are?

Our mission

Every day millions of kilowatt-hours vanish into thin air. Consuming unconsciously, we use more energy than we really need. Inefficiently used energy raises numbers on electricity meters and on our bills. It leaves a negative footprint in our wallet and on our environment.

EMS helps those companies that want to catch escaping kilowatt-hours. We help our clients to optimise energy consumption. Thanks to cost reduction, we raise their competitiveness. Thanks to energy reduction, we reduce their carbon footprint. Together we build new world - world of energy efficiency.

Our story

EMS Energy Engineering & Management Systems has been serving industrial sector for over 25 years. The company was created as a response for growing energy needs in the industrial sector. Early 90s was time of economic boom. It resulted not only in increased production, but also in growing energy consumption. Yet, new production methods were rarely every optimised when it comes to energy consumption. Moreover, polish energy sector was based almost uniquely on coal. The carbon footprint could become tremendous. Growing market needs were coupled by real threat to environment. Energy efficiency could address both of those issues. Recognising its potential, we started cooperation with Dannish Energy Agency. This cooperation resulted in creating EMS - a company for which energy efficiency was synonym of future.

Our team