What we offer?

Our offer

Our role is to identify potential in energy savings. We observe enterprises' operations, analyse their energy economy and look for a way to optimise it. We focus on reducing energy consumption in a way, which suits our customers. We support them in the difficult investment process offering audits, consulting services and trainings.

We realise all projects in close cooperation with our clients. They are experts in their own domain. Combining their knowledge with our competences, we identify possible sources of energy savings. We support them in the investment process, becoming catalyst for permanent change in the enterprise within the area of energy efficiency.

Energy audits

In the times when energy resources are so scarce and electricity prices are so high, it pays off reduce energy consumption. Looking for potential savings, EMS analyses energy economies of its clients. The result of its analysis is energy audit. It comprises detailed list of possible energy efficiency projects.

Energy audit is invaluable help in investment process. An audit is not limited to listing various ways to reduce energy consumption. Each suggestion is based on detailed calculations of expected value of saved energy. Therefore energy audit allows not only to identify energy efficiency projects, but also to estimate the investment payback period.

Realising energy audit is not only reducing energy consumption. It is also:

  • Reducing costs. Introducing projects that translate into energy savings requires investment capital. In long run the investment expenses are lower than costs of buying new energy. For most of the projects investment payback does not exceed several years.

  • Increasing competitiveness. From our experience follows that for majority of the clients energy consumption can be reduced by 5-10%. For a revenue generating enterprise such reduction typically means increasing the income by 10-15%.

  • Reducing carbon footprint. Reducing energy consumption means also reducing energy production. This has direct influence on reducing CO2 as well as dust and pollution emission.


We realise our audits in accordance with the law (EU Directive on energy efficiency and respective national energy efficiency acts). Therefore they are the fulfillment of the legal obligation imposed on big companies to perform energy audits every four years. Moreover, they are in line with the norms (PN-EN 16247 and PN-EN ISO 50001) and hence can be a starting point for introducing energy management system.

Energy efficiency audits

How you implement energy efficiency in your company depends entirely on you. Some clients want to do overall analysis of their energy economy. Others prefer to inspect only selected domains of their activity. It is for them that we offer energy efficiency audits – an analysis of selected energy function.

Energy efficiency audit is not only suggestion to introduce changes that would result in energy savings. It is also detailed calculations about the amount of final energy being saved. It allows to analyse precisely one of energy functions within the company and estimate investment payback.

Energy efficiency project allows detailed analysis of such projects as::

  • modernising lighting system
  • modernising heating networks
  • heat recovery using gas compression
  • modernising heat sources
  • thermical isolations
  • monitoring energy meters
  • introducing energy efficient powertrains
  • introducing energy efficient steam and condensate management

The audits we realise are in accordance with applicable laws (EU Directive on energy efficiency and respective national energy efficiency acts). Therefore they allow our customers to apply for white certificates, giving them the opportunity to reduce costs of planned investments.


In EMS we understand that not all energy efficiency projects can be described by an audit. That is why we support also those clients who want to introduce other energy projects. Are you wondering how to get energy from renewable sources? Or maybe you are looking for a way to finance some other investment? Our consultants are here to help you.

Our consulting services are meant to serve everybody who wants to manage his energy consumption rationally. We help our clients both to define main problems as well as to find for them tailored-fitted solutions. Combining economic analysis with technical aspects we propose solutions that result not only in optimal functioning but also in minimal costs.


Within the consluting we realise such projects as:

  • feasilibity study for energy efficiency projects
  • economic analysis of new energy sources
  • choosing financially optimal power for renewable energy sources
  • calculating energy intensity coefficient
  • calculating parameters necessary to introduce fuel switching
  • creating heat and electricity supply plans for municipalities
  • preparing low emission reduction plans
  • support in searching for sources of investment financing


The best technical solutions arise in collaboration with the best people. Quite often it requires crossing the borders and cooperating with international partners. EMS supports its clients in this difficult process offering them technical translations.

Our translations are result of unique combination of language skills and knowledge about energy industry. Thanks to continuous improvement of language skills, our language literacy is on the highest level. Thanks to cooperation with numerous international partners, we know how reality of energy sector abroad looks like. That is why in our translations we can not only transfer the main message, but also represent properly the context.

We offer technical translations in:

  • english
  • french
  • spanish
  • russian
  • polish


Energy efficiency is not only saving money. It is also a state of mind. To familiarize enterprises and local governments with rational energy economy we organise various educational initiatives.

For those who are interested in energy efficiency, we propose various trainings. During the trainings we present not only the idea of rational energy management, but also the opportunities related to energy efficiency. We want our participants to be aware of its potential. We strive that they start to perceive it not only as source of energy savings, but also as an energy resource.

To familiarise our customers with this difficult subject, we offer trainings on:

  • energy audits
  • system of white certificates
  • cogeneration
  • energy review
  • energy management systems
  • renewable energy sources
  • energy law
  • Energy Performance Certificates
  • reducing low emission