About us

Every day millions of kilowatt-hours vanish into thin air. Consuming unconsciously, we use more energy than we really need. Inefficiently used energy raises numbers on electricity meters and on our bills. It leaves a negative footprint in our wallet and on our environment.

EMS helps those companies that want to catch escaping kilowatt-hours. We help our clients to optimise energy consumption. Thanks to cost reduction, we raise their competitiveness. Thanks to energy reduction, we reduce their carbon footprint. Together we build new world - world of energy efficiency.

What we offer?

Energy audits

In the times when energy resources are so scarce and electricity prices are so high, it pays off reduce energy consumption. Looking for potential savings, EMS analyses energy economies of its clients. The result of its analysis is energy audit. It comprises detailed list of possible energy efficiency projects.

Energy efficiency audits

How you implement energy efficiency in your company depends entirely on you. Some clients want to do overall analysis of their energy encomony. Others prefer to inspect only selected domains of their activity. It is for them that we offer energy efficiency audits – an analysis of selected energy function.


In EMS we understand that not all energy efficiency projects can be described by an audit. That is why we support also those clients who want to introduce other energy projects. Are you wondering how to get energy from renewable sources? Or maybe you are looking for a way to finance some other investment? Our consultants are here to help you.


The best technical solutions arise in collaboration with the best people. Quite often it requires crossing the borders and cooperating with international partners. EMS supports its clients in this difficult process offering them technical translations.


Energy efficiency is not only saving money. It is also a state of mind. To familiarize enterprises and local governments with rational energy economy we organise various educational initiatives.

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Why us?

EMS is leader in its domain. Using competences acquired at top-tier institutions (American Department of Energy, Danish Energy Agency, Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, Danish Rotskilde University), we introduced energy efficiency to Poland. Recognizing its potential, we bacame catalyst of change in numerous industrial plants. Since 1991 we have been helping our clients to build the new world - world of energy efficiency. 


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